Beat Banger is a mature furry rhythm game In the early development phase. Enter the lone hero in a rags-to-bitches story. Work your way to the top of Beat Banger Studios, a rhythmic pornography company in desperate need of some assistance.


The Crew

Meet the Beat Banger Studio official crewmembers. A team of exceptionally talented and bouncy ladies ready to bang to the beat!

Cathy Smith

"Just Follow My Lead!"

Born into a religious home in the country, Cathy quickly found herself drawn to everything her peers disliked: city life, technology, and Electronic Dance Music. With her savings, she bought a laptop and a MIDI controller and began producing the type of music she loved to hear. Now, Cathy's in college pursuing a degree in Music Production.

Zoe Monroe

"Let's... just get this overwith..."

Zoe is a fan-favorite at Beat Banger Studios, and for good reason: her tits are out of this world and she's proud of it. Her smarmy and spitfire attitude in front of the camera follows her when she works behind the camera as the studio's cinematographer. While most people would describe Zoe as “abrasive”, that's just her strange, ineffective way of showing affection.

Gale Shinpen

"Not bad for a puppy."

Gale is an anomaly. She seems to have no life outside of her job as Beat Banger Studio's make-up artist. She eats way too much but never gains any weight. She tells others that she never sleeps, usually accompanied with a mocking titter. On camera, she has an unnecessary amount of endurance. She scared away the last male porn actor they had. Gale is more of an oddity than most people know.

Elaine Claire

"Let's get to work!"

Most people who meet Claire never get a word in, distracted by her body and honeyed words alike. It's a talent that's been passed down in her family like an heirloom. It's helped Claire earn her living as an entrepreneur through a variety of enterprises, with Beat Banger Studios being her latest and greatest. Her charm has made it a cinch to bring in new talent, including her old friend Dawna, and even convince the production staff to spend some time in the spotlight.

Dawna Mabel

"I guess that's my cue."

Dawna is the last person you'd expect to see starring in porn. Though her body seems to betray her age. Her demeanor is motherly to the point that Cathy will affectionately refer to her as “Grandma,” She'll only tolerate that from Cathy. She has a passion for baking as well and loves to bring homemade treats into the studio.

Our Staff

Meet Our Team: The creative minds behind Beat Banger






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